TCU vs. Samford: Six Pack of Thoughts

The Frogs got the 48-14 win over Samford Saturday night in their season opener. TCU did what we expected them to do and that was take advantage of playing an inferior opponent. It is always great to start the season 1-0 but there is still work to be done. Here is a six pack of my thoughts from my perspective on the game.
1. It is hard to take much from this game. The Frogs looked good against a team they are supposed to look good against. The defense was good and the offense looked better, but the quality of opponent kind of skews things. I am anxious to see how TCU looks against Minnesota in two weeks. That game will be a better indicator of where this team is at.
2. The offense looked much improved. I liked the tempo but I would like to see the offense go faster. I am sure the offense will continue to get better as they get more experience in this new system. The Frogs dominated time of possession and four different running backs had 8 or more carries. They still have to work on the turnover issue though.
3. Trevone Boykin played a very good game but I am still not sold. I agree that Boykin should be the starter because I feel he will be better than Joeckel, but I still don't know if Boykin has what it takes to get TCU to where they want to be. He was staring down wide receivers all night. How will he perform when his first and second options are taken away? Will he be able to make those reads? I'm not so sure yet. I hope he proves me wrong.
4. The new white helmets looked good. It is not my favorite TCU helmet the team has the option of wearing, but it's a cool helmet to wear occasionally. I would like to see it worn with the road uniforms to see how that combination looks.
5. Coming into the season I know some TCU fans were concerned about this group of wide receivers. It might be too early to say you can put those concerns to rest, but I don't think you should worry. Kolby Listenbee, Ty Slanina, and David Porter combined for 14 catches for 190 yards and three touchdowns. 13 different Frogs caught a pass against Samford. I think there is plenty of talent to go around.
6. The defense looked like a typical TCU defense and they should be the strength of this team once again. The Frogs held Samford to 143 total yards and only nine first downs. That is impressive against any team. I also liked the pressure the d-line was able to get at times. If they can keep that up it will really help out the secondary.
The Frogs are 1-0 and that is all that matters. Now they have an off week to prepare for Minnesota's trip to Ft. Worth on September 13th. That game is going to be a tough one and I see the final score being fairly close. This team looks better than last year's team so hopefully things keep going in the right direction.