Patterson: “This time of year, you dont get healthier.”

Following TCU's Thursday practice, TCU head football coach Gary Patterson said his team isn't getting healthier.
"This time of year, you don't get healthier. Stansly [Maponga] was back, you think Matthew Tucker may be. We're getting better," he said.
Patterson said in his press conference last week he was looking forward to a bye week in order to help rest up his players to prepare them for a Thanksgiving game against the University of Texas.
Here are some other quick highlights from Thursday's practice:
On having a bye week:
"This late in the year, you can't really get better. Somebody like Texas does so much, so we started game plans yesterday," Patterson said.
Patterson said because of Thursday's Thanksgiving game against the Longhorns, the team has changed up practice routines. The team did a "Tuesday practice" and will take a day off tomorrow, with a practice to follow Saturday morning.
Patterson unhappy with opponent bye weeks:
"It's been a lot," Patterson said, when asked how many opponents this season have had bye weeks before playing TCU. "I think this will be the fourth."
He said he was unhappy about how TCU started the year with a bye week and did not have one in the middle of the season, similar to how many other teams in the Big 12 had.
Patterson also said he did not approve of a possible schedule for next season, which, according to Patterson, had three opponents with bye weeks before playing TCU. He also said TCU would have to play five non-conference games in that possible schedule.
Jordan Moore seeing time at linebacker:
Patterson confirmed that true freshman Jordan Moore is seeing some time at linebacker during practices.
"He's been there for three weeks," he said. "Trying him out and seeing how we can make our team the best we can be."