Notebook: Frogs try to keep steady mindset in prep for OSU

TCU coach Gary Patterson talked Tuesday about his team's energy level during Sunday's practice, but he said Wednesday the key is sticking with the same mentality, regardless of the previous week's outcome.
"We don't really try to have a mindset after a loss or a win," Patterson said. "On Sunday, you watch it, forget about it, move onto the next week."
Keeping an even composure is a goal.
"You got to kind of try to stay like this if you want to win all your ballgames," Patterson said, waving a straight line in midair with his hand. "I think the younger group maybe reacts a little more, but I just try to stay like this."
Lunt, Chelf both possibilities Saturday
With Oklahoma State quarterback J.W. Walsh possibly out for the season, both Wes Lunt and Clint Chelf have taken reps at quarterback for the Cowboys in practice this week.
Lunt, a true freshman, earned the starting job before the season before being sidelined with an injury.
OSU coach Mike Gundy will announce the starter later in the week, but there's a strong possibility both could see action.
Chelf hasn't seen much action this year, but Patterson said Wednesday he's more comparable to Walsh than he is to Lunt, who is more of a pocket passer.
"Just listening to them talk, he's more closer to Walsh," Patterson said. "He's more of a guy who can beat you with his feet, more athletic."
Randle poses threat on ground
Oklahoma State's Joseph Randle will likely be the best running back the Frogs have faced since this year outside of SMU's Zach Line.
"He's probably got a little bit more speed [than Line]," Patterson said. "Line is probably more of the bigger, physical back.I wouldn't stay he's more physical -- he's just more of the physical-type back."
Randle rushed for 151 yards last week and leads the Pokes with 765 yards on the year. As a sophomore last season, he earned all-Big 12 honors, averaging 93.5 yards a game.
A new environment
As Patterson said Tuesday, the Frogs will fly into Stillwater then stay in Tulsa on Friday nigh before driving over for the game Saturday. Part of the reasoning behind that is so the team can get somewhat acclimated to Boone Pickens Stadium, a new venue for the Frogs.
"When we haven't been to a stadium we want everybody to see it, to know where their lockers are, so when they come back, they've already seen it all," Patterson said.
The Cowboys' stadium is a horseshoe design, but it's enclosed on all sides with Gallagher-Iba Arena bordering the east endzone and the seats narrowly edge the sidelines. Needless to say, it can get noisy at times. Patterson said he told his team to embrace the atmosphere.
"You've got to enjoy the ambience," he said.