Moore moves to fullback as Frogs prep for bowl game

Linebacker Jordan Moore switched to fullback this week, giving TCU "another big back," head coach Gary Patterson said.
Moore came to TCU as safety before moving to linebacker a few weeks ago. Now, the freshman could get some carries later this month during the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. And for now the move doesn't seem to be temporary, Patterson said.
"He ran over somebody in middle drill today," Patterson said. "We need a big back. We're short. Need to make sure we have enough for the game."
Part of that shortage is due to the status of Matthew Tucker, who is battling through back spasms, Patterson said.
"That's one of the reasons we moved (Moore) over," Patterson said. "We got to get (Tucker) healthy. That happened to him when he was a sophomore."
Frogs adjusting to practice schedule
The Frogs will be off for most of finals week before returning to practice Thursday. Saturday's practice was TCU's first since the Oklahoma game.
"(Saturday) was pulling teeth, getting back into the swing of things like it is every year," Patterson said.
With the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl schedule for after Christmas, TCU's practice schedule sets up similar to the one it had in 2009 and 2010 when the Frogs played on New Year's Day, Patterson said.
"(Practices) changed when we used to have to play early games, because you don't get as many," Patterson said. "But this sets up identical to the Fiesta or the Rose Bowl."
Big 12 finds no violation in Thompson-Maponga scuffle
The Big 12 reviewed an apparent punch by Oklahoma offensive lineman Tyus Thompson on Stansly Maponga and announced this week there was no violation on Thompson's part.
Patterson said he couldn't comment on the incident, but he did offer a bit of his own perspective on the situation.
"They need to have an on-site advisor, because there was five punches thrown," he said. "I saw them myself. I was standing right there."
Verrett racks up league honors
Cornerback Jason Verrett earned first team AP all-Big 12 honors this week, and was named by the San Antonio Express-News as the league's top defender.
Patterson said he told Verrett to keep doing what he's been doing all season long - preparing and executing.
"I told him just keep his nose down -- don't let the football gods get him," he said "He doesn't need to do any more than what he's been doing. Just get ready to play. That's what he's been doing and it's paid dividends."