Measuring Stick Game

I consider Saturday's game against Oklahoma a measuring stick game. After the Sooners defeated Notre Dame last weekend, it's hard not to see them as the current favorite in the Big 12. After Saturday we will know a lot more about the 2013 edition of the Horned Frogs football team.
This TCU team has been up and down all season. They looked pretty good against LSU, mediocre against Southeastern Louisiana, uninspired against Texas Tech, but looked much better in the second half against SMU. They have shown signs of being a good team, but they have shown signs of being an average team as well.
We think we know what Oklahoma is. They are 4-0 and look to be in the driver's seat for the Big 12 title. I say that because OU has played a much tougher schedule than Baylor, who is still unproven in my eyes. The reason why I see this is a measuring stick game is because TCU can still turn its season around. There is a good chance the Big 12 Champion will have a conference loss this season. Oklahoma State was the favorite last week until they were upset by West Virginia, but OSU could still win the conference. If TCU wants to win the Big 12 this season they must beat the Sooners. The Big 12 Champion might have one loss, but it won't have two. If the Frogs want to prove they are taking steps forward instead of backwards, they need a good showing against Oklahoma.
Going into Norman and winning won't be easy, but the Frogs have done it before. The thing that worries me the most should be obvious, the offense. If the offense can actually put up some points against Oklahoma, the Frogs have a chance to win. I firmly believe the defense will keep every game close, but it's up to the offense to control the football and put points on the board. Is this the week the offense finally looks like it has it together, or will we be let down by poor execution and bad play calling?
The other worry I have is Blake Bell. Bell has thrown for six touchdowns and no interceptions thus far but that isn't the biggest issue. What concerns me is his running ability. Although Bell hasn't accumulated a lot of yardage this season, he has rushed 22 times in the Sooners last two games. If the pocket breaks down, will the Frogs be able to contain Bell and keep coverage on the WR's?
I know TCU fans know it, but Saturday is a big game. This is a prime opportunity to get the season going in the right direction. Hopefully the SMU game instilled some confidence in the team and they play with the swagger Coach Patterson was talking about. This is a measuring stick game, how will the Frogs measure up?