Is Boykin as the Starter Good or Bad

The Frogs entered spring practice with a lot of question marks but one of the biggest was the starting quarterback position. Trevone Boykin finished out the 2013 season primarily playing WR, so which of the young guys would step up during spring and take over the role vacated by Casey Pachall? Apparently none of them, and I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing.
I don't normally sit the fence. I pride myself in having strong and educated opinions, but with the current quarterback situation, I don't know what to think. Trevone Boykin is still running with the first team which I wasn't expecting at this point. As you might remember when spring practice started, I said Tyler Matthews would be the starting quarterback this season. That prediction is not looking good. So what does this mean?
If I look at the glass half full, I like to think that Trevone Boykin being the starter is a good thing. He has the most experience out of all the QB's and he has won games for TCU in the past. I like to think that Boykin is penciled in as the starter because he has made great strides in the passing game and has learned to read his progressions down field. I like to think that Boykin has the heart of champion and he is so determined that he won't let anyone take his position no matter where he is lined up on the field. Those are the things I like to think, but is that reality?
When I look at the quarterback situation as the glass half empty, I get a little concerned. Why hasn't Tyler Matthews stepped up to take control of the position? Why hasn't a player like Matthews who has been in the program for two years not been able to rise up to the number one spot? Is it because Boykin has improved that much or is it because the others haven't progressed as they need to? If Matthews hasn't progressed as expected, that is not a good thing for the program. Can TCU afford to miss on a highly rated QB recruit? That raises another mountain of questions. Is it because of coaching or is it because the players aren't as good as expected? Is it because of something else? That is an entire different conversation we can have at a different time.
When I let it all settle into my brain, I do think the reason is because Trevone Boykin is the best man for the job. I have said it before but Boykin is one of the toughest and most determined players the Frogs have on their roster. He will do whatever it takes to get the job done. With an improved offensive line in 2014, Boykin is good enough to take the Frogs where they want to go. Can Sawyer or Muehlstein come in and win the job? I see it as being highly unlikely. With that being said, it is also time for Boykin to grow up. He has to deliver better passes, he has to learn to make the proper reads, he has to trust his arm and not be so quick to take of running, but I believe he can do all of that.
At this point, Boykin has to be the favorite. If the coaches believe he is the best man for the job that is fine with me. If they are giving him the job because he is the best of the worst, that isn't good. It will be interesting to see who is under center for the first snap of the 2014 season because it could make or break this team. As I have always said "In Gary I Trust."