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Frog practice report: 8/15

The TCU football team held its second practice of the day Friday afternoon inside the dry Sam Baugh Indoor Facility. The practice wasn't a long one, only lasting slightly over an hour and was filled with an emphasis on the Frogs first opponent; New Mexico.
It was the first time Coach Patterson's team practiced on what he terms "emphasis periods" where the defense gives the offense looks on what the opponent runs in certain situations.
"It's where we get a live look, a full speed look, our two and three defense we've been doing it forever. Our two and three defense ran New Mexico's defense and they got "x" amount of plays they're going to run and our coaches coach it up. This is the first time we've done it(this fall) and we did very fair."
"We do it all through the season, where we can give some kind of emphasis and whatever we think a more lively look will help us and get us ready for a game."
As position battles continue to add depth at each position there remains a few spots both offensively and defensively where starting positions are open. Coach Patterson, without giving away too much touched on his current depth chart situation.
"No, the weak safety position isn't decided," Patterson said of his starters. "Tejay is ahead. We got two 1's at Sam linebacker with Daryl and Robert. Well, I would say at least defensively it would probably be true(on his defense having its starters). Offensively wise, I think that will go up to game day, I think it's better for the football team that they stay in competition and we don't have a one."
The 2008 class hasn't received much of the hoopla as most of the recruiting classes Coach Patterson and staff have landed in recent years. But when you take a look at what this class has brought so far each of them have had a good fall and received praise from Coach Patterson.
Patterson says three true freshman have caught his eye and will make a contribution to the team as soon as the opener against New Mexico. Those players include defensive end Ross Forrest, kicker Ross Evans, and running back Edward Wesley. Other newcomers such as freshman receiver Antoine Hicks and sophomore receiver Alonzo Adams have also worked their way into the two-deep.
"Ed Wesley is a guy who I think can be one of our tailbacks. Ross Forrest, he's a walk-on defensive end from west Texas that's really been the surprise of the camp, he's really done a great job. And obviously Ross Evans, our kicker, who's competing with Kevin Sharples."
"This freshman class has been unbelievable, they've just been great kids and done everything right this summer. They've been hard workers out here."
The Frogs will have their second scrimmage tomorrow morning and Coach Patterson says what he's looking for is simple, to "get better".
"It's the same things we talk about as a football team, the takeaways for the defense but you don't want to turn the ball over on offense. My deal of a perfect scrimmage is both teams do their jobs and then the person that makes the best play while everyone was doing their job and wins. The whole key as a football team when you have a scrimmage you want to be physical and everyone does their job right."
Friday afternoon both Matt Panfil(ear ache) and Stephen Hodge were held out of practice. Coach Patterson says both could go if need be, but he also sees that it gives the younger players a chance to get much needed reps.
"Panfil and Hodge could go right now," he said. "Our biggest thing with both of those is it's no so much that we're keeping them out, it allows us to really develop our second and third units. It's been great because Ross(Forrest) and Bralyon(Broughton)it's made them get more reps, they've had to do more, it's been a positive thing. Tomorrow we will be out of evaluation, now you're talking about still getting better but you're also now working toward New Mexico."
Walk-on true freshman defensive end Ross Forrest worked with the first team again today at right end as Matt Panfil recovers from an ear ache.
The scrimmage tomorrow morning is closed to the public.