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Dunbar clears the air

TCU has been riding high so far in the 2009 recruiting season. In the midst of compiling what might end up being the best recruiting class in TCU history, the Frogs had a wrench thrown into their dream of landing a Top 25 class. Rumors began to circulate after an article was posted by an Arkansas writer stating that the "Maud Squad" was visiting the Razorbacks. Panic set in with the Frog faithful. The thought of what it would mean to lose three intricate pieces to the puzzle Coach Patterson and his staff had assembled made some a little uneasy. PurpleMenace.Com caught up with James Dunbar last night to clear the air and ease a few minds in the process.
Let's set the record straight. All three players did indeed visit Arkansas but it's not what it seems. In fact, Fayetville, Arkansas is only about a 2 hour drive from Maud and the young men wanted to see for themselves what all the hype was about. No, no, no, not the hype of the Arkansas football program. It's actually quite the opposite. They wanted to see the Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin show up close and personal.
"It was fun, we really wanted to see Harvin, he's really fast" said Dunbar.
After mentioning that they were there to see the talented Florida duo, the big lineman had this to say.
"It was cool but we aren't interested in Arkansas like that. I'm stuck on TCU, I love TCU and I can't wait to get there. We're all three solid to TCU."
With Dunbar clearing things up, Frog fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Bryant House, Ray Burns and Dunbar will all three be heading to Ft. Worth to display their talents. Not only are the Frogs getting three talented football players, they are getting three genuinely good young men as well.
After talking about their trip to Arkansas, Dunbar talked a little about how his season was going so far.
"It's going really good. We're still #1 in the state and I'm having a real good time. It's been fun this year, the whole team is playing well and we are just out there having fun."
Dunbar may enjoy it, but how do the teams that face Maud like trying to tackle a 6'6" 280 pound running back?
"I dont' know(laughing). It's fun for me though. They don't seem to like it too much(laughing)."
With the Cardinals rolling over each opponent so far this year, the "Maud Squad" hasn't been able to rack up the kind of stats that one might expect. With the domination of their opponents comes less playing time. When your up by 40 points at the half, it's hard to justify playing all three guys for four quarters. No worries here though, the thought of these three young men lining up for the Frogs in the near future has to put a smile on everyone's face. Stay tuned to PurpleMenace.Com for all of your TCU recruiting information.