June 14, 2012

Bellamy leaves intrigued

In one short look at Chamblee defensive end Davin Bellamy, his frame, build, and athleticism screams blue chip prospect.

At 6-foot-5, 240 pounds, Bellamy has the long, lean arms and athletic build that coaches look for in a pass rusher, and with 31 offers at this point, at least that many schools have taken notice.

On Thursday, the three star defender made the short trip to Athens for a visit the Georgia campus and coaching staff, and it was the first time he has seen the campus since the Bulldogs offered him on May 12.

"Man, it was just a great visit," said Bellamy. "Everything was really nice and I got a chance to see some things I hadn't seen before. It was really great."

One specific part of the visit that impressed Bellamy was his tour of the UGA football facilities.

"The facilities are top notch, like A1," said Bellamy. "Everything looked brand new and clean. The weight room looked brand new and it was all super nice."

The highlight of the visit for the Peach State pass rusher was the opportunity to sit down with his prospective position coach and defensive coordinator Todd Grantham.

According to Bellamy, Grantham showed him some things that he had never seen on a visit.

"He had a whole presentation put together for me that was just great," said Bellamy. "He had cut ups of me and then compared it to what they do defensively. He showed me what they do and how I would fit in to that. He showed me how on some downs they play three outside linebackers in a set, and that was really cool because that is how they are recruiting me."

After showing Bellamy how he could fit into the defense at Georgia, Grantham showed the Chamblee standout how much success he has had coaching pass rushers in the past.

"He has a great resume as a coordinator and a coach," said Bellamy. "He showed me some cut ups of Jarvis Jones and how early on he was a natural pass rusher, but then he showed me some of the things Jones could do after he had learned some things. That was really cool. His resume speaks for itself because he has taken guys and made All-SEC and All Americans out of them, and coaches a really good defense."

One of the key factors in Bellamy's recruitment is the ability to play early, and he believes that there are certain elements of the Georgia defense that give him a great chance to do just that in the Classic City.

"Coach Grantham told me that I could come in and I have the skill set to play any of the outside linebacker positions," said Bellamy. "He told me that I could play in a two point stance or a three point stance and rush the passer, or I could back up and free lance a little and play in space. I want to play early, and they put three outside linebackers on defense at once so I have a good chance to play early. Plus he feels I could play any of those outside linebacker positions, so that gives me a really good chance."

As impressed as Bellamy was with the facilities and Grantham, he admits that there are other reasons to like the Georgia program.

"Georgia is a big-time SEC school, and they have had a lot of success. I like that," said Bellamy. "It is also close to home, but it is far enough away too. Georgia was also one of the first schools to show interest in me."

In the last month, Bellamy has stated that two programs - Vanderbilt and Auburn - stand out for him.

After his visit to Georgia, those two schools are still high on the list but UGA is also making an impression.

"Right now I like Auburn a lot because I had a great time and one of my best friends (Arshad Jackson) is going there," he said. "With Vanderbilt, I have built a strong relationship with the Head Coach and my position coach there, so they are going to be up there too. But I have to say this visit was big. Georgia is definitely making a move and they are up there."

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