December 16, 2011

Keenan, Argyle lose title game

ARLINGTON, Texas - Argyle (Texas) offensive tackle and Texas Tech commit Trey Keenan's bid to win the 3A Division II State Championship fell a touchdown short Friday at Cowboys Stadium in a 21-14 loss to Wimberley.

But the best team in the state pretty much refused to take on Keenan. If they could have their way, they would have pretended he wasn't on the field at all. And when Keenan wasn't taking on the pass rush he was taking it to the third level of the Wimberley Texan defense.

"That's one thing I've been experiencing throughout this year," Keenan said. "They won't pass rush directly against me because they see on tape I've done really well with the bulrush against larger and thicker guys. So they try to confuse you a lot, lots of twists, doubling you up.

"It was great to play and you do what you can."

Keenan showed great range all around the blindside he protected as Argyle's left tackle. The Wimberley defensive ends and linebackers would try to take Keenan three yards out and then turn sharply hoping for a gap to the quarterback and Keenan read it every time.

Wimberley ultimately gave up on attacking through Keenan altogether and Keenan throwing blocks on them downfield didn't help the defenders' cause.

But Wimberley (15-0) proved to be the better team at other positions. Especially after an injury to a key Argyle receiver.

The Eagles (14-2) also made some critical mistakes down the stretch of the game.

Trailing 7-3 after halftime, Argyle running back Chadd Bossow fumbled at the goal line after a seven play, 68-yard drive for a Wimberley touchdown. The two teams exchanged three-and-outs, but Wimberley was ultimately able to jump out to 14-3 by the three-and-a-half minute mark of the third quarter.

But things started coming together for Argyle at that point.

The Eagles sustained a five minute, 15-play, 74-yard touchdown drive to cut the Wimberley lead to 14-9.

Instead of a PAT attempt, Argyle opted to go for two and to make it a field goal game with 10:30 left. The play call was a rollout to the right so Keenan went to the right tackle position. Argyle quarterback Austin Aune, a TCU commit, began rolling and looked to the back corner of the endzone -- no one there and pressure coming around the backside. Keenan read the play perfectly and cut block the first attacker from the blind side.

That gave Aune enough time to recompose himself and find the man he looked for earlier in the back corner. Argyle down just 14-11 with more than 10 minutes to go.

But Wimberley responded three plays later with a 76-yard touchdown run and a 21-11 lead.

Argyle responded with an 11-play, 67-yard drive ending with a 37-yard field goal, 21-14.

The teams then traded punts until the 2:21 mark when the Eagles got their final shot. Unfortunately for Argyle, Aune overshot a receiver on the second play of the drive and the ball was picked off by Bren Blakemore. From there, Wimberley got a first down and ran out the clock.

High school career over for Keenan.

Fortunately, there's ball on the next level for Keenan and the career really starts Saturday when he gets an in-home visit from the Red Raider coaching staff.

"We just got done setting that up (Thursday)," Keenan said. "This will be the second time that they've been by and grabbing dinner with them is great. I'm just gonna get in the weight room and get bigger faster and stronger. I want to compete for a spot when I get there."

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