October 20, 2011

Film Vault: Lisle is an absolute mauler

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Ohio is always a fertile recruiting ground when talking about offensive linemen. Year in and year out, programs from around the nation set their sights on the Buckeye State for their offensive line needs and the 2013 class won't be any different. One of the premier offensive line prospects in the Midwest for the class will be Centerville product Evan Lisle. The 6-foot-5, 265-pound tackle broke into the lineup as a sophomore for the Elks and he has taken his game to the next level this fall.

On the hoof, Lisle is built more like a tight end, with very little body fat. He has the frame to easily add another 35-40 pounds of good weight while keeping his tremendous athleticism. Lisle does a great job of firing off the ball, a typical trait for a Centerville lineman, and is able to get out to the second level quickly to execute blocks.

Once engaged, Lisle blocks right up to the whistle and shows tremendous individual effort. If the play is still going, then you can bet Lisle is still trying to block somebody, just an outstanding motor.

Another positive is that because of Lisle's body type, as he fills out, he could slide inside and be an excellent pulling guard. That does not mean he can't play tackle. There is a difference between being versatile enough to play inside and not being athletic enough to stay at tackle, Lisle is absolutely the former and not the latter.

The two biggest knocks on Lisle right now are his weight and the type of offense he plays in. His weight is a non-issue when projecting long term. Lisle has added 15-pounds of muscle since his sophomore season. If he continued at that pace, he would show up at Fall camp of his freshman collegiate season at 295-pounds. Simply put, he's going to easily add the weight and strength that he will need at the next level and will ultimately play in that 300-310 pound range.

The second knock is much more of a concern. It is not uncommon for Centerville to go an entire game without throwing a pass so Lisle is going to be very raw in pass protection. This may scare a lot of people but when I watch Lisle, he is so light on his feet and has such tremendous athleticism that he should take well to pass blocking. Because of the learning curve he will have in that pass protection department, he may not be a player that can get out on the field in year one, but there are very few linemen that can do that anyway and long term there just aren't many tackles in Ohio with Lisle's upside.

Overall, this is my kind of offensive tackle prospect. Lisle is athletic, hard-working, intelligent, and is a bit of a blank canvas in terms of his body composition. You can build on top of his frame as opposed to having to spend the first year just getting him into "playing shape". As someone who prefers the leaner offensive tackle prospects, Lisle will be one of the top prospects on my board when our class of 2013 rankings are updated on Friday.


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